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Canning Town Voices
a film by Jimmy Flint, Alexander Kviria and Ron Peck / documentary, UK, 2020, 60 mins / watch the film

Shot in and around Canning Town, this new film is about how regeneration is completely changing the area.
Local ex-boxer and actor Jimmy Flint revisits places from his youth and asks people who live and work in Canning Town what has been gained and what has been lost.

"The film is refreshing and honest and nostalgic and whimsical and at times frightening too. There are no gimmicks, just truth, and I think it is special. It's shot in a simple style. It has a video diary feel to it." (Matt Lucas)

Salty Towels
fiction, Georgia, 2019, 20 mins / watch the trailer

Rural couple Maya and Dato, both in their 30s, visit a shopping centre to buy a mattress. They lose each other, perhaps not fully by accident, and each of them experiences a brief romantic encounter. Is this a dream or reality?

Contact: Katie Daniela (

Tbilisi, I Love You, soon to come in your theatres The Guest (Tbilisi I Love You)

Alexander took part in the anthology film "Tbilisi I Love You", produced under the "Cities of Love" license, writing and directing "The Guest", a short film starring Marina Kartsivadze.

"Among the stronger segments [of "Tbilisi I Love You"] is the strikingly shot and assembled "Guest", in which vet actress Marina Kartsivadze narrates directly to the camera the surprising tale of her one-night stand with a visiting political figure in 1963; back then, she was the first female engine driver on the Tbilisi underground, and a very pretty one at that. Helmer Alexander Kviria spices the visuals with gorgeous black-and-white period footage from the Georgian Film Archive." Alissa Simon, Variety, March 2015
Watch "The Guest"

Gorelovka Episodes from the Life of a Disappearing Community
documentary, Georgia-UK, 2010, HDV, 48 min  / watch the trailer / watch the full movie

Gorelovka 2 The village of Gorelovka is located in Southern Georgia. Doukhobors (Spirit-wrestlers), a group of Russian religious dissidents, founded it in the mid 19th century. Because of their anarchist and pacifist beliefs, the Doukhobors were banished from Russia by Tsar Nicholas I. They managed to keep their identity and traditions throughout the Soviet period. However, under political and economical pressure, many Doukhobors have now left Georgia and their heritage is disappearing with the last inhabitants.

Kaunas International Film Festival 2010 selection
Tbilisi International Film Festival 2010 selection
Wales One World Film Festival 2011 selection
goEast Film Festival 2011, Wiesbaden Federal Foreign Office Award winner
Kish International Film Festival 2011 in competition
London International Documentary Festival 2011 in competition
Golden Apricot International Film Festival 2011 selection

GoEast Festival ("Remembrance and Future" Award) festival on tour
Jula Festival 2011 selection
2011 (Szczecin/Neubrandenburg) selection
Les Ecrans Documentaires 2011 in competition
ArtDocFest 2011 in competition

Call me Gabriella (research material)

documentary project, Georgia, 2019

What is it like when your family and society reject the person you feel you are? How to keep your dignity when you decide to sacrifice everything and prostitution is the only obvious means of survival? The documentary will explore the life of a number of trans Georgians, capturing the challenges and hopes of their community.

Levan Kherkheulidze, Photographer

commercial video
, Georgia, 2019, 2 min

Cactus Flower (trailer)

documentary, Georgia, 2000, Beta, 15 min

An old woman's telling of her lifelong passion for cactuses leads to memories of her early deportation to Kazakhstan by the Soviet regime.


Gorelovka (research material)
footage for documentary project

The village of Gorelovka is located in Southern Georgia. It was founded in mid 19th century by Dukhobors, a group of Russian religious dissidents banished by Nicholas I. They managed to keep their identity and traditions throughout the Soviet period. However, under political and economical pressure, many Dukhobors have now left Georgia and the heritage is disappearing with the last inhabitants.


Cold Cold Heart (trailer)
performance art shooting, UK, 2006, DV, 10 min

A weekend of video and performance art from Nordic countries at the Courtauld Institute and Somerset House, London, 20-22 October 2006


The Story of A Little Soldier (trailer)
short movie, Russia, 2005, 35mm, 19 min

Anton is sent off to war, deprived from his hair and abandoned by his beloved. Back from the front, he looks for his hair and for revenge.

Cortopotere Short Film Festival 2007 - Best Experimental Film

Festival of Nations (Ebensee) 2007 - diploma

Cottbus Film Festival 2006 - selection

Cork Film Festival 2006 - selection

Moscow CinePhantom Festival 2005 - selection


The Filthiest Porches Mamuka Lekiashvili
documentary, Georgia, 2009, HDV, 48 min

Mamuka Lekiashviil reads his poems from the collection "The Filthiest Porches", published in 2009


Pile & Face
documentary, France, 2009, HDV, 7 min

Film on Marseille 2009 Carnival, coproduced with la Compagnie d'ici, on an invitation by Marseille City Hall


video art, UK, 2008, DV, 1 min


documentary, Georgia, 2012, HDV, 24 min
Workers of the Rustavi metallurgical factory talk about happiness, love, death and other topics close to their heart. The film attempts to give a voice to a social group forgotten in modern Georgia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.


documentary, UK, 2008, HDV, 6 min
An introduction to the life of Steven. One of adventure and adversity, and, maybe, of normality.
Wood Green International Short Film Festival 2009 - selection
British Shorts Film Festival Berlin 2009 - selection
Moscow Perspektiva Film Festival 2010 - selection


Bedtime Stories
documentary, UK, 2007, DV, 3 min

"With its strong triptych structure and good underlying narrative this film, which starts out as a bit of a mystery, develops well. The shooting is fine and the edit is good." (Channel 4 editor's comment)


video art, UK, 2007, DV, 5 min

Every second counts.

Exploding Cinema, London, 2008 - screening
"Pusto" Video Art Festival, Moscow, 2007 - selection